It’s great to see that some of the mechanisms we describe in our blog manual actually take place with the blog manual and the blog seminar being the subject! Not only some digital media have mentioned the blognomics event, some bloggers have picked it up now too. One of them is Neville Hobson at who actually writes about three blogging events next month, two in Paris and one in Amsterdam, the latter of course being Blognomics 2.0.

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Neville Hobson · 14 maart 2005 op 23:23

Not only a blog post, Krijn, but also a podcast – a mention of Blognomics in the latest edition of the bi-weekly podcast show I do together with a colleague in the US, recorded a few hours ago and just posted –

Hopefully I will be participating at Blognomics next month!

Krijn · 14 maart 2005 op 23:36

Neville, iPodder has found your podcast and it will send it to my iPod in seconds 🙂 I will listen to it in the morning.

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