gvisitMost people that run their own website or blog want to know how many visitors they get. On top of that, they’d like to know where they come from. Technically speaking those are referrers. But the question where do you come from can also be interpreted geographically. (Just like in normal life; when I arrive in a hotel and someone asks me “where do you come from?” I should say “Amsterdam” in stead of “Expedia.com”.) Anyway, I found this service called gvisit.com and yes, that g means we’re talking Google here. I think it’s a fun service, free of course, and it only requires one line of code to be added to your site. After a couple of hours you will get pictures like the ones you see here. Clicking a balloon provides more detailed information – geographic again – about the origin of the visitor. Nice.

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Krijn · 23 augustus 2005 op 12:38

Mooi zo! Als je nu eens een beetje gaat reizen dan zet je nog wat extra balonnetjes op de kaart 🙂
(er vanuit gaande dat je natuurlijk regelmatig op m’n site komt.)

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