This is a problem that a lot of iPod users have: you have your iPod stuffed with music and of course some podcasts, and you will be on the road for at least an hour. Great way to listen to your iPod, you would think. But not over the car hifi system. There isn’t an easy way to connect your iPod to your car radio or cd player. I’ve thought of buying an iTrip or Belkin’s FM transmitter, which is illegal in The Netherlands by the way, but I’ve heard from UK users that there’s way too much radio traffic to find a free channel for your iTrip. I reckon this problem will be the same here.

ipod_in_car.jpg But another solution has come up. The big car brands are looking at the iPod, and vice versa. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and GM are investigating ways to easy connect your iPod to the dashboard so that you can operate it using buttons on the steering wheel and of course listen to it over the speakers. (source:

Since buying a new car is probably the most expensive solution to solve this problem, I’m still looking for other ways. The best that I can think of is using a FM Modulator (i.e. 50 euro at Conrad, 8a). This is a device that you plug into the antenna connection at the rear of you car audio device. If you have any experience with a solutions like this, or know of a better one, please let me know.

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Jonathan Marks · 22 april 2005 op 14:48

the I-trip works fine in the Netherlands. Since it already starts to fade after 3 metres, can’t imagine it would cause problems. They were on sale at the TINE event!

dre kampfraath · 22 april 2005 op 16:51

Ha Krijn
The itrip is for sale at Camomile in Amsterdam (tel. 0613538224) and cost 35€, and it works great

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