kensington_lock.jpgThe Kryptonite case is famous. (The story where someone showed on video how to open a $100 lock. The video was distributed very fast using blogs; Kryptonite offered to return the locks, causing a loss of a lot of money.)
Now there is a new lock case: Kensington. This time it’s about the famous notebook locks, that appear to be quite easy to open using a piece of carton from a roll of toilet paper. Watch the video (nice shirt, by the way). The video is already a few months old, but blogs are picking up the story. Not sure how this ends, Kensington refuses any comment so far.

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En nu even ernstig · 19 mei 2005 op 12:50


Het wordt niets tussen bloggers en fabrikanten van sloten. Vorig jaar kraakte iemand een Kryptonite-slot

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