I have been thinking about this before, received some encouraging feedback, and now I finally got myself one: the iTrip. Installation was a breeze and now I’m ready for my holiday trip. Also, this should be a great solution for listening to podcasts. I’ve played some music in the car but havent’ been driving around yet. If someone else is doubting whether to buy one, let me know; I will tell you about my findings.

the iTrip out of the box the iTrip works fine at 88.0 Mhz

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guido van nispen · 18 juni 2005 op 19:52

It is illegal in NL. Fine is € 1.600 as I understood during conversations with one of the delegation members who told about this little gadget and the fine he got when we were looking at it in Akihabara Tokyo.

Krijn · 20 juni 2005 op 08:46

That seems a little exaggerated. But anyway, I will only use it abroad 🙂

guido van nispen · 20 juni 2005 op 19:14

Abroad the fines are even higher and include up-to 25 years behind bars, and I am not talking about girly bars here….

Krijn · 20 juni 2005 op 20:54

I wonder if we’re talking about the same thing here… The device broadcasts hardly three meters. Therefore it will be hard to trace. I don’t think that ‘iTrip prevention’ is on any policeman’s priority list. (If he knows the device in te first place.) But ok, I will only use it outside of Europe.

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