When I explain about podcasting – and it still needs a lot of explaining – I tell people that a podcast can have generally two sources. One is the amateur (who can be a professional by the way) who records audio himself. The other source can be an existing radio station that offers some or all broadcasts as mp3 archives, so people can listen to them later. (An example in The Netherlands is BNN.)

But now it’s happening the other way around. Satellite Broadcast Radio will start to broadcast podcasts. Usually when a radio station is ‘looking into the podcasting phenomenon’ they start offering podcasts. But this is completely new, as far as I know. The show, that will start on May 13, will be hosted by Adam Curry, the founder of podcasting one can say.

I’m not sure how podcasts will be selected for the show and I dont’t know if any revenues will be made by the podcasters, since it’s a commercial station. Probably things will be explained in todays Daily Source Code.

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