self portraitThis blog hasn’t been updated for a month. Most of that time I have been on vacation. During those weeks I intentionally didn’t go online. (I brought my laptop only to be able to empty my camera; nearly 400 pictures, mostly of her)

Frank wonders why so many people don’t care for an internet connection at their holiday residence. Given the fact that the internet is used mostly for entertainment and communication activities and takes quite a piece from our total media behaviour, he writes. True, but to a lot of us, internet means also being able to work, to connect to the office, to receive mail with questions that need to be answered, to get news that wants be read, and so on. So being offline for a certain amount of time can be very healthy, I reckon. As a matter of fact, some bloggers shut down their blog, or at least cease updating, to ‘take a break from it all‘.

Anyway, in my experience blogs have their social function during the summer. After returning from France, it didn’t take me a lot of time to find out what Guido had been up to (private and business wise); and the same goes for other colleagues. And of course it also works the other way around. Last weekend I attended a wedding party where I met a lot of friends that I hadn’t seen for a long time. Some of them said: “I read you did a blog event. What is this blogging phenomenon?”, or: “I saw your daughter starts walking”. People that I didn’t even know were reading my blogs. Great!

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