The Blognomics event was great, with nearly a hundred people visiting. Presentations, blog posts about the event, pictures, podcasts, videos and so on can be found at

By the way, it was a very funny experience to finally meet people in person that you know by url or email, like r-win, Frank, Nevon, Ton, etc.


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frEdSCAPEs · 23 april 2005 op 12:50

Blognomics … de foto’s !

Even Tag-browsen op Flicker en ze stromen binnen : Ik doel op de Blognomics 2005 foto’s.46 in totaal.Niet alleen Neville Hobson (had ie beloofd!) met 20, maar ook Krijn Schuurman maakte 20 blognomics-foto’s.
Aanvulling 23 april 2005: Guido…

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